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We don’t sell investment products. We focus on providing valuable financial advice and personalized, active investing.

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We believe there are three “pillars” that everyone needs to maximize their financial success.

Financial Planning

One of the three pillars to maximize financial success, a financial plan represents a blueprint for saving and spending related to any financial goal.  A most common one is Retirement, the only financial goal in life we cannot borrow for.

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Active Investing

The second pillar to maximizing financial success is an actively managed investment plan.  A properly tailored portfolio takes into account the appropriate client risk tolerance and investing time frame as well as prevailing market conditions.

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Retirement Income

The final pillar to maximizing financial success is turning numbers on a statement into real dollars in your bank account on a recurring basis like a paycheck regardless of the stock market conditions. Retirement income is where “the rubber meets the road.”

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The Pinnacle Wealth Management View

Connecting with Our Clients is What Matters Most.

Ray Gutowski (Gut-ow-ski) began his independent practice after observing the lack of personalization that can happen when large financial conglomerates focus on business growth ahead of clients’ individual needs. Pinnacle Wealth Management strives to keep you at the peak of your financial game, with top-notch personalized planning. Ray matches investment research sourced from some of Wall Street’s most valued players with his financial planning thought leadership.

    Pinnacle Wealth Management is a part of the Gladstone Wealth Group. Gladstone Institutional Advisory, LLC was established to provide our clients with holistic, comprehensive financial services to help clients prioritize and pursue their life goals.