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Pinnacle Wealth Management
& Raymond Gutowski 

Money and investments are an extension of what we want for ourselves and our families

The Independence Difference

Why having an independent advisor matters

Ray experienced the lack of personalization that can happen at the cost of attempting to scale in a large financial conglomerate, and wanted better for his clients. He has built his practice based on the best investment research sourced from the some of Wall Street’s most valued players. In addition, Ray has refused to sacrifice the very personal nature of taking that research and matching it with his financial planning experience in order to help his clients meet their financial goals.

Meet Raymond Gutowski 

Raymond Gutowski (Gut-ow-ski) grew up on Long Island, spending summers surfing and working at a marina so that he could buy his first boat. The joys of life on the water never left him. Neither has his work-hard-so-you-can-play-hard mentality. Ray’s entire career in investment and wealth management has culminated in his founding Pinnacle Wealth Management, as part of Gladstone Wealth Partners. These days, when he’s not at his office in Rhode Island, he is with his family, teaching his son to fish, and spending as much time as possible out on the water capturing many of the images featured on this website.

“Money and investments are an extension of what we want for ourselves and our families, as well as the impact we can have on everyone around us.”


Founding Pinnacle Wealth Management is the direct result of Ray’s dedication for more than a decade to helping individuals and families achieve their lifelong dreams—and his firmly rooted belief that investments are a means to that end.

Pinnacle Wealth Management is a part of the Gladstone Wealth Group. Gladstone Institutional Advisory, LLC was established to provide our clients with holistic, comprehensive financial services to help clients prioritize and pursue their life goals.