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Fiduciary Focused

Fiduciary duty is the ethical obligation to act solely in someone else’s best interest

You Have A Choice.

We are bombarded with advertising today as it pertains to investing, wealth management and financial planning.

There is a lack of regulation around the use of words such as “fiduciary” which can be used to lure folks in the door only to be pitched commissioned products after the fact. We believe in the “purest” spirit of a fiduciary. A true fiduciary has NOTHING standing between what is right for the client and how an Advisor is compensated. If an investment professional has any ability to work on commission, there could be a potential deviation between what is best for the client and the person selling the product.

Retirement and financial planning is advertised today as a product

A Financial plan/planning represents an Advisor’s expertise in analyzing multiple investment scenarios along with projected future fixed and variable income needs.  Our dedication to ongoing education and holistic planning can help clients avoid the common pitfalls of one simply utilizing financial planning software.   For example, something as seemingly insignificant as running projected health care costs at average inflation versus the reality which is two to three times that can have an enormous negative impact on one’s long term financial plan for retirement.


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