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 Retirement Income Planning Rhode Island

Receiving a regular paycheck during retirement provides peace of mind

Get a Retirement Distribution Strategy

Taking “income” from a portfolio is not as simple as it seems.

Traditional income producing investments can be inconsistent, can vary in risk and can have tax consequences that erode returns. At Pinnacle Wealth Management, we strongly recommend having an advisor managing your portfolio in real time as it relates to the distribution phase of any investment cycle. We take into consideration vital factors that impact your portfolio including the tax status of the account (IRA versus non-qualified) as well as short and long term portfolio returns and prevailing market conditions.

We have been helping clients in Rhode Island and surrounding areas invest strategically at different times in the market with the intention of turning numbers on their statements into REAL dollars in their checking accounts. With consistent portfolio management we aim to keep those dollars accumulating on an ongoing basis in order to create a consistent stream of income in their retirement.

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